Experiment result: Asana is not enough!

Following my initial successes practicing yoga daily and becoming mindful about my consumption, I had been feeling the most confident and happy in years in the fall of 2007.  But it all kind of fell apart in December and January: I was still doing yoga asanas and pranayama every morning started regularly feeling angry and upset, gained 10 lbs, and got sick for the first time in over a year.

Part of this was situational stress caused by a private medical issue in my family.  But I noticed something else: I had stopped focusing on pracicing the yamas and niyamas.  Once I started that practice again, my mood and my health drastically improved.

So this was a simple experiment that taught be that simply doing pranayama and asana is not enough to make me healthy and happy.  I absolutely have to work on nonviolence, compassion, continence and moderation as well – all of the yamas and niyamas.


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