Hypothesis: the body is a giver, the mind is a taker

Breaking from somewhat chronological order, these notes are more recent, from fall 2014.

It is a hypothesis that I need to remember to experiment with: that I can experience more calm an fulfillment from focus on the body instead of the mind.

For most of my life I have focused on pleasing my brain, or whatever part of mentality iyengar would call it.  It’s a part of the brain that wants to be entertained, occupied, interested, fulfilled.  
To the extent that I have taken care of my body it was in service of this mind.  Doing yoga because it will calm the mind and make my ego feel better about th  body and moreover because it is interesting and fulfilling and entertaining.

But perhaps this in is not my best ally.  Perhaps my body is,  perhaps this is what yoga is telling us and this is what Buddha and thich mean about stopping thinking and being HOME in the breath and the body.  

Today during yoga I found it so comforting to just do it for the love of my body itself.  The Body really can comfort me and of course can give suffering.  But the  body is a giver either way.  The mind is a taker.  It says entertain me. The body says feel me.  Be me.  

Lately my focus on what gives me comfort and makes me feel at ease has focused on being with others and loving them.  But I can at least get some of that just from loving my own body.


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