Reducing concern about ego -> lightness

That was the title of a cryptic note to myself from 2007.  In total it says:

2 things have really made me feel great and light lately: 1.) not overconsuming; and 2.) noticing and stopping when I’m concerned about my ego.

As if to emphasize but not totally clarify this insight, a note from a few days later says simply:


Clearly I need to provide more detail when I have these insights.  But having 7 years more experience with this I know now that at the time I was most likely realizing the fantastic experience of moksha.

Moksha or Moksa is often translated simply as “freedom,” but it has a lot of other connotations.  Wikipedia has a fantastic page on moksha, but the definition I like best is, per usual, from Iyengar:

By moksa I do not mean some fanciful concept of future liberation, but acting with detachment in all the little things of here and now–not taking the biggest slice of cake onto one’s own plate, not getting angry because one cannot control the actions and words of those around us.

From Light on Life, at 236-37.  So cool that Iyengar captured both freedom from ego attachment and the moderation in consumption that I noted in my 2007 note.  Both of these concepts are also, of course, two of the Yamas and Niyamas.  Aparigrapha is moderation in consumption and Ishwar-Pranidhan is surrender to “god” or, as I’ve explained elsewhere, surrender of the ego.  By practicing these ethical practices along withe the rest of the 8 limbs of yoga. Patanjali says we obtain a number of goals, one of which is Moksha.


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