Beginner Mind

Even though I have practiced yoga asana almost every day for over 8 years, I still love to take a beginner class once a week or more.

Today I practiced following a terrific yoga video for beginners by Rodney Yee.  I also take the level 1 class at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco most Saturdays.

I love the beginner classes because the instructions remind you about basic but fundamental aspects of each pose and the pace is slow enough that you can really focus on those key points.  You have time to  yourself again if you are drawing bothe shoulder blades downward during a twist or avoiding roundness in the back in downward dog – things you might focus on at the beginning of your practice and then fail to focus on as you get more “advanced” because you assume you already have all the “basics” down pat.  Rodney Yee’s classes are terrific for this kind of thing.

Buddhists talk about cultivating a “beginner mind.”. Taking beginner yoga classes gives me a real appreciation for how a beginner’s perspective is a truly practical tool for refreshing and deepening my practice.  I encourage everyone to try it and when you xo: listen carefully and be curious about whether your usual way of doing a pose is the best you can do on the fundamentals of the pose.


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