“What you resist, persists”

– said by my yoga teacher on Saturday.

I’ve been realizing this lately as I try to be mindful of maintaining ahimsa (nonviolence).  Ahimsa is not just about avoiding physical violence, but also – even more – living without actions or words directed with threats or aggression toward others.  But for a long time – over a year I guess – as I’ve kept my journal about the yamas and niyamas including ahimsa – I had extended this to trying to avoid feeling anger.

Finally only a few months ago I realized that attempting to suppress feelings of anger ultimately caused the underlying discontent to linger.  It is so much better to recognize, “I am feeling anger.”. I long ago realized that anger is always a reflection of fear, so I can ask myself, “what am I afraid of?” and either deal with it or let it go.

What you resist, persists.


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