108 salutations for the equinox

Today as on every solstice and equinox I celebrated the change of season with a morning practice of 108 sun salutations.

I first learned of this practice at Inland Yoga in Riverside California, where they had a 108 sun salutations class every solstice.  I did it that winter, in 2007, and have done it pretty much every season since.  Google shows many websites discussing the practice and I’ve heard of a fee others doing it too, but I don’t know if there is any special reason for the practice other than as a way to mark the passage of time.  If you have more information on the background please let me know!

I like the practice both as an excellent ritual for remaining mindful of the passing of the year and as a great workout for bothe body and mind. 

It takes me about an hour. It’s important not to rush it both so you pace yourself and so you can remain focused on the movement and maintain proper alignment.  So I set aside an hour and a half just to keep from feeling rushed.  

The first few times I tried this, I lost count a lot.  Apparently that’s one of the reasons Buddhists practice 108 mantras- to make sure that at least 100 are done :). But now I say the number our loud as I bend forward into uttanasana.  That seems to help but I still lose count sometimes.  Not today though!  It was a beautiful, calming and refreshing practice today and I’m grateful to have the time and health for it.  Happy Spring!


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